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2011/2012 year review

Student Club         

 Chairperson                   Denise Luby                        Glen Rovers         Cork

             Secretary                       Lisa-Marie O Mahony           Eire Og                Cork

             Treasurer                       Erin Corkery                         Eire Og                Cork

             P.R.O                             Clara Kavangh                     Douglas               Cork                     

             Senior Captain              Denise Luby                        Glen Rovers        Cork


Official Officers               

Chairperson                        Denise Luby        

                        Secretary                            Lisa-Marie O Mahony     



Senior- Timmy Murphy, Jack O Leary, Shona Cunnigham


Numbers Registered to Play

39 players registered with CCAO on the 2/11/2011.

 Official Games Played 

Senior- 6               Freshers- Blitz (5/6)


Practice Games Played

Senior- 9             

 This year there were significant changes to college camogie competitions. At the beginning of the year at the AGM, Ashbourne/Purcell  competitions were changed usually having eight teams competing now there was only going to be six meaning 2 teams would have to move down a grade in each competition, after some long talks and arguements ourselves and UUJ had to battle it out in a playoff. The winner would stay in Ashbourne, the losers moving down to Purcell. This game was going to be huge for us and we began our season training hard for this game twice a week. We knew it was going to be a fight to the end but none of us wanted to move down to purcell after 12 great years of Ashbourne status.

Unfortunately we ran out short against our strong opponents by jus 1goal, this game was the best game I have witnessed CIT camogie play together as a team, that game changed the rest of our year as we were going to be playing in a different grade we hadnt expected to be. Our draw was also a hard draw the 2 Purcell Cup finalists from the year previous so we knew these 2championship games were not going to be easy and unfortunately we fell just short losing in both games. Both games being very close and exciting  but things just not working out on the day for us. This meaning we were competing for the Purcell Shield, this was not what we had planned for in the slightest but we decided we still wanted to go for it and win what was put in front of us. That is exactly what we did running out convincing winners on the weekend of a scoreline of 4-11 to 1 point against AIT. Looking at the other games that weekend in the cup competition all games were won by 3goals or more, which made us feel like we should have been competing in those games as we came as close to just one goal to those teams, and UUJ went on to win the Ashbourne shield.

This is just a stepping stone for this team, with huge potential and talent to go on next year and bring the Cup home to CIT.