Bursary Students

To underline its commitment to sport, CIT annually awards Sports Bursaries to a wide range of sports for Senior’s and Fresher’s. It is expected that those awarded the bursaries will have high levels of achievement in their chosen sport and a full involvement and participation in this sport in the Institute.

A significant number of bursaries are reserved for First Year Students.

Students can also apply for a bursary from the Munster Council. Applications will be open to members of the Association who are attending a full-time Higher Education course (except those who hold another GAA-related or college scholarship/bursary) and who are active participants in their Higher Education club. Candidates may be awarded bursaries in successive years (limit of two years only), subject to passing exams and satisfactory evidence of a significant contribution to the college club. The Munster Council offer 12 bursary’s with two of these dealing with Administrative work.